Gather Bundle: Gather, by Octavia Raheem + Gather Intention Candle

Gather Bundle: Gather, by Octavia Raheem + Gather Intention Candle

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 It's Gathering season, and I am full of joy about this offering.  This book has been an impetus for healing, resting and awakening. Octavia Raheem, the author of the book Gather, has been a beacon of light in the dark for me--and many others as we journey through healing waters.  Gather, my signature intention candle was inspired by this awakening, and feeling into the power of gathering what it is we need in any moment.  This intention candle was inspired by my rest and awakening journey with Octavia.  

Gather Intention CandleLavendar + Ylang Ylang + Blood Orange

Gather is a nourishing experience.  It is balancing and a true mood booster.  Working with this candle can help bring harmony and serenity, and can shape shift our mood and perspective just when we need it most.  This light and refreshing candle can be used anytime, especially when we need to gather ourselves, go within and allow wisdom and light to flow through us with ease. 

Each vessel is first cleansed with Florida Water and hand poured into a luxury custom-made vessel.   Made with eco-friendly, clean-burning, hand-crafted wooden wicks made in the USA.

Gather (the book) is a collection of soulful sayings, poetry, and flashes of insight woven together into a single sacred garment.  Each word, each thread, was collected at a place of awakening and will invite you to awaken from within. 

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Octavia Raheem – Author. Rest Coach. Visionary.