Beloveds: Dark Rose Scented Candle
Beloveds: Dark Rose Scented Candle

Beloveds: Dark Rose Scented Candle

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These candles are lovingly created to expand our daily practice. Creating rituals from our heart center allows us to be present, receptive, grateful, aware and to feel held.  Allow them to help create moments of sanctuary and calm in your daily routine.  They are here to activate and nourish your inner magic in whatever ways you desire.   

Beloveds: A loving tribute to those we love--past, present and future.  Burn this candle to assist in focusing your mind and energy on the vibration of love.  This high vibrational candle can also assist in transmuting grief and loss as well as deepening self-love.  

Benefits: Can help relieve anxiety and stress, relaxing, comforting and heart-healing.  

Each candle is dreamed up/channeled, individually wicked, hand-poured and hand designed, hand-labeled and hand packed by the creator, Myesha Williams.  

12fl oz.  

Vessel Color: Clear

Design: Dried rose and crystal shavings