Collection: Limited Edition Butler and Baldwin Tribute Candle Series

Leather + Brandy Scented Candle

A loving tribute to the life, work and spirit of James Baldwin.  This candle was created as a portal to our ancestors and the wisdom, knowledge and truth that they have and continue to share with us.  Baldwin is an honoring of the creativity and importance of the written word, memory and imagination.  

Leather and Brandy is a masculine of center scent that is soothing, warm and inviting and is thoroughly enjoyed by all genders.  


Hinoki + Yuzu Blossoms Scented Candle

A loving tribute to the life, work and spirit of Octavia Butler.  Butler is intended as a portal to our imaginations and a deep honoring of the power we hold to allow our imagination and vision to pull us toward the creation of a new world.  

Hinoki + Yuzu is a light and smooth scent that will pull you in to savor each note in this beautiful blend.  A blend of heady florals, highlighted with yuzu and pear and finished off with sacred woods.  Layered, light and refreshing.


Each vessel is first cleansed with Florida Water and hand poured into a luxury custom vessel.  Made with eco-friendly, clean-burning, hand-crafted wooden wicks made in the USA.

A luxurious clean burning, biodegradable and natural vegan wax blend made of natural soy and organic hemp. Non -toxic. 

Each candle is dreamed up/channeled, individually wicked, hand-poured and hand designed, hand-labeled and hand packed by the creator, Myesha Williams.