Why I Started Making Candles as My Evolving Wellness

The Person Behind the Brand

It’s been a while and I want to be sure to connect with anyone new to me and the My Evolving Wellness journey.  My name is Myesha, and My Evolving Wellness was born out of a deep desire to be well, and to support and inspire others to be well. 

For years I've worked in public health, environmental health and justice and put my energy and talents into preventing illness and injury in the first place, and driving community initiatives, policies and programs to support health and well-being at the population level.  Though I am deeply passionate about this work, I did not know at the time how to care for myself enough to sustain working in such a capacity.  I didn't realize it at the time, but a lot of the trauma I was shining a light on in order to create different health outcomes, was triggering my own unaddressed trauma in my body and mind.  

The Spark

Not long ago, my experience was one of cumulative impacts of an unregulated nervous system, feeling detached from my body, feelings and emotions and being just ok enough to function until my next break down. After several severe episodes and life altering mental and physical breaks, I chose to embrace the medicine that nature had been calling me into. A huge part of my wellness journey involves exploration and adventures in nature, herbal medicine and aromatic plants. 

The Remedy

I began using aromatic plants in the form of essential oils to anchor into my body and awaken to its sensations, trauma, wisdom and gifts.  This awakening was painful, unfamiliar and uncomfortable.  I immersed myself in the study of scent on the brain and body, connecting with herbal medicine and discovered balance, clarity, peace and ease among the trees. I journeyed into the world of plant medicine and somatic practices to free my body and mind of the pain that had been trapped there for decades.  It’s been a journey incorporating these supports into my practice with intention and wisdom.  Though every day is different, I suffer less and am more aware and capable of tending to myself with the deepest love, skillful understanding and compassion.

The Channel

Not long after I grew deeper in love with nature and its medicine than I began having dreams about energies wanting to manifest through me.  My dreams were vivid and potent with the medicine that was now my inheritance to bring forth.  Each of the 4 candles in my Signature Intention Candle line came through dreams as energetic medicine for me, and for those of you who, for any reason, felt called them. All of my offerings come through some form of meditation, time in nature, day and night dreams, and journaling.  They come to me in times when I'm intently listening and hearing clearly.

The clarity that these energies made themselves known to me has been a practice in faith and trust, and my relationship with these energies continues to evolve beyond anything I could have imagined.  I’m still in awe at how I can still learn so much from something that flowed through me years ago.  It’s a testament to the power of cycles and of fully accepting ourselves right where we are.

The Magic and the Medicine

Each scent combination is intentionally curated to create and invoke a specific energetic experience.  I use safe aromatic plant materials, mix and blend them to create the products you find on my website.  They are created to help support our inner transformation, whatever that looks like to the individual.  To put it simply, they are magic and medicine.  I am deeply grateful for those of you who have felt the time, intention, and care I take to create quality and safe products for the body and mind. I am grateful to those of you who feel their power. 

Thank you for truly seeing me! If any of you can relate to any of this, let’s connect in the comments.  If you have any questions, ask away.  If you need support, I am here.  I am open and available to connect and vibe.  I appreciate each and every one of you for coming along on this journey.  I'll be sharing more.  Be well, stay well, and activate your inner Magic!

With an open heart and deep gratitude, 


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